Eventhough I was born in the year of cat and captured Libra Horoscope, I always keep in my mind that I am the daughter of the Wind. From a kid until now I have never stopped wishing that I could become a bird to discover this world from the sky whereas I am tired and panic of height.

I have plenty of hobbies and dreams, however at the moment I am spending most of my time for three most precious things: Traveling- Photography- Writing.

I am not a great traveller but a daydreamer who lives on the cloud and always think about distance lands then eager to…wait for… the day I can discover them...although I don’t know when I can reach them.

Those experiences of travel linger in my mind forever:
Waiting for the storm disappeared on an isolated island in Cambodia.
Watching the lion fountain in Marina bay in Singapore and listening to a German guy was talking about his journeys around the world.

Traveling around Scotland with me, baby! This is the journey which I discovered this beautiful country on a campervan in the winter with a man who loves and protects me.

Wandering on some streets in England in a cold winter too, and I was so happy to sit among pack of the Red Devils in the Old Trafford stadium watching Wayne Rooney but my heart was jumping of remembering David Beckham, a childish love.

And especially… a journey which never can be deleted from my mind: cycling from Viet Nam to Paris crossing 11 countries ( not yet included walking in Vatican ) during 291 days with my beloved.

The more I travel, the more I want to become a visual storied teller. With a normal camera, I keep special and immortal moment of humans and nature.

Writing is my most aspiration in this life. I spent nearly 10 years to find out the answer for a question which I asked myself on 17 years old: Who I am. Above all of them, I definitely must become the storyteller.

At the moment, I have nothing but a Windspeed bicycle to continue going on the road, 5 published books, 3 ebooks and some scripts are being eaten by bookworms.

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