When I Have A Father Like You

When I was born, you put your future on your little daughter
When I smiled, how wonderful life was
When I called “Daddy”, sparking stars shone in your eyes.

When I learnt how to run then fell down on the hard road, how strong you felt just to protect me
When I did bad things, you taught me right from wrong
When I spoke bad words that hurt you and mum, you said that one day I should learn how to bring smile to others instead of hurting them
When I won awards, you said nothing but I could see happiness in your eyes
When I was disappointed with my university entrance exam, you said sometimes it is fate
When I was in bad mood, you taught me how to become a humorous girl
When I started to cry, you let me cry on your shoulder until I felt my pain was gone
When I smiled, you said that life without my laugh will be sad.

Finally, I had to leave.
At that crossroad…in the twilight
When we said goodbye.
I watched you walking alone to the bus station
We were both crying while people were passing and laughing
I stood here and felt too lonely … too sad
But I knew your heart felt more sorrow than mine.

I followed my dreams and chased my aspiration
I forgot to make a call to know how you were
I forgot you had some white hairs
I forgot you also have your dreams.

Then one day, I went back to see you
My childhood came to me like a short film
A young man was walking with me on the fresh grasses.

And now,
You got many wrinkles around your eyes
I burst into tears
When I touched your lumpy hands
They raised me up,
They taught me,
They brought a bright future to me.

Daddy, I can only cry,
I can only  smile,
In happiness….
When I have a father like you.

– Edited by June Nelson-